List of Cities in Gilbert Islands

Gilbert Islands

Abamakoro Village
Abaokoro Village
Abarao Village
Abatao Village
Abatiku Village
Aiwa Village
Ambo Village
Antai Village
Antebuka Village
Antereen Village
Aobike Village
Aoneaba Village
Aoniman Village
Aonobuaka Village
Autokia Village
Autukia Village
Bainuna Village
Bairiki Village
Bakaka Village
Bakarawa Village
Bangai Village
Bangotantekabaia Village
Banraeaba Village
Barebuka Village
Baretoa Village
Baurua Village
Benuaroa Village
Betio Village
Bikati Village
Bike Village
Bikenibeu Village
Bonriki Village
Borotiam Village
Bouatoa Village
Buariki Village
Bubutei Village
Buota Village
Eita Village
Eriko Village
Kabangaki Village
Kabuna Village
Kainaba Village
Kariatebike Village
Katabanga Village
Kauma Village
Keuea Village
Kiebu Village
Koinawa Village
Kuma Village
Kuria Village
Makin Village
Manenaua Village
Manoku Village
Manriki Village
Marenanuka Village
Matang Village
Morikao Village
Muribenua Village
Nabeina Village
Nanikai Village
Nawerewere Village
Nikumanu Village
Nikutoru Village
Norauea Village
Nuatabu Village
Nuka Village
Nuotaea Village
Oneeke Village
Otowae Village
Rawannawi Village
Raweai Village
Ribono Village
Rongorongo Village
Roreti Village
Rotuma Village
Tabewa Village
Tabiang Village
Tabiauea Village
Tabiteuea Village
Taboiaki Village
Tabomatang Village
Tabonibara Village
Tabontebike Village
Tabonuea Village
Taborio Village
Tabuarorae Village
Tabuiroa Village
Tabukiniberu Village
Taburao Village
Tabutoa Village
Takaeang Village
Takarano Village
Taku Village
Tamaroa Village
Tanaea Village
Tanaeag Village
Tanaeang Village
Tangintebu Village
Tanimaiaki Village
Tanimainiku Village
Taratai Village
Tauma Village
Taungaeaka Village
Teaoraereke Village
Tearinibai Village
Tebanga Village
Tebangaroi Village
Tebero Village
Tebikerai Village
Tebunginako Village
Tebwangetua Village
Teitai Village
Tekabwibwi Village
Tekaman Village
Tekarakan Village
Tekaranga Village
Tekatirirake Village
Tekawa Village
Tekuanga Village
Temaiku Village
Temanoku Village
Tematantongo Village
Temotu Village
Temwangaua Village
Tenatorua Village
Terikiai Village
Teteirio Village
Teuabu Village
Tewai Village
Toboiaki Village
Tokamauea Village
Toora Village
Tuarabu Village
Ubanteman Village
Ukiangang Village
Umwa Village
Utiroa Village

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